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Morris Sheet Metal is a full service HVAC Contractor offering design, fabrication, and installation service. We are happy to quote your project as a subcontractor or give a price to fabricate a job for your crew to install. Custom sheet metal fabrication is another specialty of Morris Sheet Metal. Let our skilled craftsmen help your design become reality. Precision, quality and attention to details are few adjectives to describe Morris Sheet Metal.

As far as our custom fabrication and assembly services go, we offer

Commercial & Institutional Metal Fabrication

Every commercial institution must have flawlessly designed systems, or else the whole integrity, as well as the quality of life in that particular building, may be in jeopardy, especially when it comes to poorly designed and installed HVAC systems. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning and its goal and purpose is to provide an acceptable level of indoor air quality as well as thermal comfort.


Industrial & Specialty Metal Fabrication

In case you’re looking to fabricate specialty metal parts for a particular project or system, Morris Sheet Metal has you covered. We have the necessary technology and equipment to fabricate anything from industrial tanks to catwalks, ladders, platforms, and other structural components. What makes us stand out from the rest of the industry is our decades-long experience coupled with a talented team of experts who know how to fabricate a top-quality component efficiently and with great attention to detail.


CAD and BIM Coordination

At Morris Sheet Metal, we are all about innovation. We are continually looking for technology developments that improve our products and make the manufacturing process easier and smoother. By using modern software like BIM and CAD, we are able to streamline our workflow and reduce or even eliminate the margin for error. Designing and constructing complex HVAC duct systems with the aid of this software is easier, quicker, and, most importantly, precise.


JTD Spiral Pipe Fabrication

JTD Spiral is a sister company of Morris Sheet Metal Corp that specializes in producing spiral ducts, oval ducts, and dual wall ducts (both round and oval). The company was created by the original founders of Morris Sheet Metal, brothers Dan, Tim, and Jim Morris. Around ten years ago, as Morris Sheet Metal was rapidly expanding, so was their usage of the spiral duct. The brothers wanted to have a more cost-effective way to acquire this material, so they decided to purchase a spiral-making machine and fabricate their own spiral duct. Thus, JTD Spiral was created.


We strive to provide precision and quality to our clients so that they don’t have to worry about accidental offsets in dimensions, durability, and overall quality of our work. Our team is comprised of talented individuals who have been a part of this particular industry for decades and know exactly how to handle heavy machinery, and on top of that, they know exactly what it takes to fabricate a premium-quality component. Consistency is one of the things we take quite seriously, and because of that, we vouch for each component we manufacture, and we guarantee durability, resilience, and accuracy.

Our high definition 6x20ft., automated plasma machine, can cut metal plates that are up to 1” thick. In other words, we can fabricate and assemble virtually any metal component that is no thicker than one inch. We also work with CAD (computer-aided design) as well as BIM (building information modeling), both of which are processes that require a team effort. BIM, at its core, offers a digital representation of a particular system or facility, including roofs, windows, HVAC systems, and electrical systems, allowing us to create work plans that are efficient, precise, and thoroughly reviewed.

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Why Choose Morris Sheet Metal

With a combined total of 90 years of experience in the sheet metal industry, we can safely guarantee quality, consistency, and efficiency. Whether you’re looking to fabricate an HVAC system in an office building or are perhaps looking for industry tanks or ovens, we are the solution!

We pay special attention to every aspect of any given process in order to make sure that everything is being done the right way. One of the strongest reasons why we are still at the top of this industry is the sheer devotion to precision, quality, and efficiency.