3D CAD design

Ever since our inception, we have been a major player in pushing design engineering software into the industry in an effort to keep it moving forward. Morris Sheet Metal has been tapping into the potentials of the powerful capabilities of software such as 3D CAD for years and has been reaping the awards. Designing complex sheet metal components becomes much simpler and quicker by fully utilizing modern design software.

Having a digital representation of your idea that’s easily adjusted makes all the difference when efficiency and time are of the essence. It also helps us avoid making costly mistakes. By testing our designs through software, we can eliminate all errors before the construction process has even begun. 

Our design team is capable of creating reliable and cost-effective solutions for your business in record time. 3D design software allows us to work more efficiently and increase our productivity. It gives us a better chance to spot potential flaws when creating designs and eliminate them without having to start from scratch. It also accelerates the entire process as it is roughly 50 % faster than previous 2D software. Finally, 3D CAD is client-oriented and can give them an appealing visual presentation of their project.

Here at Morris Sheet Metal, we have embraced modern design software, and we enjoy every advantage of using it. Having a 3D drawing of our future product is essential for our design process and, more importantly, for keeping our clients informed and happy. If you’re looking for a company that utilizes a forward-thinking approach to implementing innovative technology solutions for fabricating complex HVAC duct systems, industrial-grade ovens, tanks, and other structural components, then Morris Sheet Metal is the right option for you.

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