KoolDuct is a sheet metal alternative for HVAC air distribution systems. There are several advantages to phenolic ductwork over sheet metal. One of the most obvious to an installer is the weight. KoolDuct is lightweight and can be handled easily by one installer with minimal hanger support. Another distinct advantage of KoolDuct installation would be there is no need to hire an insulator. KoolDuct has a range of R-value on its own. With several variations and options available Kingspan KoolDuct has the right product to fit your commercial or industrial applications. Morris Sheet Metal was one of the first installers in the Midwest Region and we continue to expand its use.


ThermaDuct is another variation of phenolic ductwork produced by Kingspan. This ductwork is primarily used in the outdoor HVAC system. It is the same phenolic ductwork as KoolDuct but has a vinyl clad exterior making it weatherproof. ThermaDuct again eliminates the need to hire an insulation contractor and offers a much cleaner, brighter, and more watertight installation. Morris Sheet Metal has installed plenty of this duct going up the sides of the building and across rooftops. Over the years it maintains a great look versus sheet metal which oxidizes and becomes an eyesore. ThermaDuct adapts easily to existing sheet metal ductwork so there is no reason to have brown rusty duct going up the side of your building or across your rooftop. Partner up with Morris Sheet Metal to swap that out!

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