Single Wall Round and Oval

JTD spiral is an affiliated company of Morris Sheet Metal that specializes in spiral tube forming. With the growing use of spiral duct in many of their projects, the founders of Morris Sheet Metal decided to create a sister company designated to strictly fabricate ductwork. JTD spiral manufactures several types of ductwork products, including single-wall and double-wall spiral pipes, in both round and oval shapes.

The single-wall round duct is a great overall choice because they are easy to assemble and more affordable than their double-wall counterparts. Single-wall round ducts also have a lower operating cost, making them even more affordable in the long run. The oval version is also a good choice, especially if space is limited. They share most of the advantages of the round ducts, including cost-effectiveness.

JTD spiral is the proud owner of Vicon Spiral Pipe Plasma Cutter that allows them to fabricate their products in a cost-efficient, quick, and precise manner. The machine is controlled by the ViSoft software that allows engineers to quickly generate different patterns and shapes. It can cut holes in spiral ductwork at an unrivaled rate, speeding up the production process of single-wall ducts tremendously. The machine can also cut round duct from 4 inches to 60 inches in diameter, ranging from 26- to 16-gauge thickness. Finally, it can make taps and fittings out of spiral duct, almost completely eliminating the need for manual labor.

Modern equipment, skilled personnel, and more than 1.5 million pounds of spiral duct produced annually are reasons why you should consider JTD spiral to be your number one choice for your spiral tube forming projects. Contact us today to find out what makes our single-wall ducts better than competing products.

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