Stacks and flues

Stacks and flues, commonly known as metal chimney systems, are customized channels through which byproducts of industrial processes are exhausted to the outside air. If your company uses large combustion devices, for instance, industrial ovens, to process materials such as coal, oil, glass, natural gas, or wood, you’ll want to have a comprehensive chimney solution that’s specifically designed for your needs and meets government and environmental regulations.

High-quality stacks and flues need to be able to disperse the combustion gasses over a greater area in order to keep the concentration of the exhaust pollutants to a minimum. These exhaust channels need to be designed with the frictional resistance of the gas in mind. They also need to be quite tall in order to disperse the gases properly. That’s why you want a company like Morris Sheet Metal to provide you with high-quality solutions as well as experts who can adapt these solutions to your equipment.

Here at Moris Sheet Metal, we strive to remain at the forefront of the sheet metal working industry by complementing our extensive knowledge and experience with the latest innovations and engineering developments. Our assurance of quality and attention to detail is second-to-none. We are a client-centric organization that fully understands that each project is unique and that there are no shortcuts if we want to achieve a positive outcome. That being said, we are also known for our timely delivery that we are able to achieve thanks to the equipment we use and the sheer experience of our engineers.

If you’re looking for a steel stack solution for your company’s combustion product gases, we can offer you our expertise and experience in designing such systems. Contact Moris Sheet Metal today to make your project a reality.

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