Double wall round and oval

JTD spiral was founded ten years ago to address Morris Sheet Metal’s growing needs for ductwork in HVAC system installing, air ventilation, and other related projects. Today, JTD spiral is one of the biggest names in spiral tube forming, with more than 1.5 million pounds of spiral duct produced every year. Quality stands out and is quickly recognized, so it’s no wonder JTD products are sold to contractors across the country. They specialize in producing single and dual-wall ducts both in round and oval shapes.

Their Double-wall round ducts are considered to be best-in-class and have set the standard for premier ductwork craftsmanship. They are a heftier investment but offer a lot of advantages when compared to their single-wall counterparts. The sections are made of an inner wall and an outer wall, giving these ducts impressive structural strength. However, their main strong point is the insulation between the two layers. This middle layer gives the double-wall ducts their main advantage over the single-wall and is the reason why the thermal and acoustical performance of double-wall construction is unmatched.

JTD spiral also produces double-wall oval ducts for situations where space restrictions limit the use of the round variant. These flat oval ducts retain most of the performance characteristics of the round variant, including the impressive structural strength and thermal and acoustical isolation. All our products are made using the Vicon Spiral Pipe Plasma Cutter.

This powerful piece of machinery allows us to fabricate flawless spiral tubes quickly and with precision. Our extensive knowledge and experience, coupled with modern equipment, give us the confidence to take on any project, no matter the complexity or scale of it. If you’re a contractor in need of high-quality spiral tubes, contact us today and find out what makes us America’s number one choice.

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