Catwalks, platforms, handrails, ladders and structural component

When your employees need to navigate their workplace, you want to make sure that there is always an optimal level of underfoot safety. Working on and around stairways and ladders can be quite dangerous if the necessary safety precautions are not in place. Our catwalks and platforms are specifically designed to meet the highest safety standards and aim to reduce workplace-related injuries. We also manufacture handrails and ladders that are in line with current OSHA safety requirements.

At Morris Sheet Metal, we have a goal to help you create a safe and productive working environment. By utilizing custom designs, we can achieve a high level of slip resistance in all weather conditions. We source only the finest metal and make sure its rigidity and robustness are best-in-class. This also allows us to avoid complicated frame structures and instead opt for more simple yet reliable solutions. Structural components designed and manufactured by Morris Sheet Metal provide safe accessibility while also helping you better utilize your floor space.

Over the years, we have specialized in fabricating Graepel gratings and perforated sheetings that are then used to make various structural components such as catwalks, platforms, and ladders. We also treat the components for long-term corrosion protection to ensure their lifespan will not be shortened due to extreme weather conditions or exposure to aggressive substances. Whether you’re looking for structural components, custom HVAC systems, or any other industrial parts, Morris Sheet Metal has you covered. We have successfully been in the industry for almost three decades and, to this day, stand by our motto, “Our Name Is Our Customer’s Assurance of Quality.”

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